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The Czech Urological Society (CUS) is a specialized society involved in the development of urology. It unites doctors who take part in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or research of diseases in this field.

The CUS is a part of the Czech Medical Society (CLS), uniting specialized societies and associations of doctors in the Czech Republic. The CLS registers members of the CUS.

The CUS upholds and represents the interests of the field. It sends its delegates to various committees and into advisory organs of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

There are four specialized sections in the CUS, each concerning to the important part of urology: the Oncological urology section, the Andrological urology section, the Pediatric urology section and the Female, Neurological and Urodynamic urology section.

A 12-member committee stands at the head of the society. The members of the committee have a 4-year period; elections are held in regular cycles. Every regular member of the CUS can be elected to the committee. The composition of the current committee is available HERE.

The CUS organizes annual congress of the society. The first congress of the society was held in 1954. The annual CUS congress is a platform for the local urological community to share the latest and the most relevant knowledge with medical experts practicing across the Czech Republic and from abroad.

The CUS has its official journal called Česká urologie (the Czech urology). There is published since the year 1997 with a quarterly frequency. It focuses on original scientific articles from the urology or other closely co-operating specializations. For more information visit the website of the journal:

Other pages on this website are available only in Czech language. For more information, you can use the translator or contact the  manager of the CUS: 

Mgr. Veronika Črepová

Department of Urology, 3rd Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague

Thomayer Hospital

Vídeňská 800

140 59 Praha 4
tel.: +420 774 724 909

  • Three Departments of Urology in the Czech republic propose short clinical visit for young urologists from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary:

The proposal of short (2 weeks) clinical visits in the Czech Republic for young urologists from Slovakia, Poland and Hungary

Veronika Črepová



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