Preliminary programme of the EAU 17th CEM in conjunction with the national 63rd annual conference of the Czech Urological Society

Preliminary programme of the EAU 17th CEM in conjunction with the national 63rd annual conference of the Czech Urological Society (PDF)


Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to the 17th EAU Central European Meeting (CEM17) to be held in Plzeň, Czech Republic from 19 to 20 October 2017.

The CEM has been known over the years as one of the EAU’s well-attended meetings in Central Europe, and this year CEM’s new format includes the annual conference of the national society. We are honoured that CEM combines its programme with the 63rd Conference of the Czech Urological Society (ČUS).

CEM’s renewed format aims to strengthen the EAU’s links with national societies and reach out to Central Europe’s wider community of urologists. We also believe that this opportunity enables us to highlight the quality of urology in our region, and show the dynamic work being done by the young generation of urologists.

To meet the challenge of delivering a comprehensive meeting, we have organised an interesting and insight-filled Scientific Programme. Expert urologists from across Central Europe join their EAU colleagues to discuss the current and most controversial issues in clinical urology and research. Junior and mid-career urologists, the future leaders in our region, are also actively involved by presenting their latest research.

The dynamic interaction we expect during the debates and plenary sessions will offer the unique chance for participants to learn from the insights and best practices of their senior colleagues and invited opinion leaders. Aside from scientific discussions, practical tips and lectures on career guidance and developing research studies will be given.

CEM’s Country Competition is also part of the programme, a highlight feature that shows the vigorous state of current urology.  Aside from the Poster Sessions, state-of-the-art lectures on core urology topics will set the tone of discussions. Moreover, the European School of Urology (ESU) course programme will focus on complex issues of radical cystectomy. Hands-on training in endourology and laparoscopy will complement the course and will be led by expert urological surgeons.

To boost contacts in our community, our social programme will acquaint participants with the historical sights and legacies of Pilsen, with the social evening venue at the city’s famous brewery Pilsner Urquell. From cafes to historical monuments, Plzeň has a lot to offer. Visit the gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and Great Synagogue, or take a look at Techmania, an interactive science centre, or the fun-filled Zoo with the adjacent DinoPark, and the Museum of Marionettes and Ghosts. For details, check the web pages of Plzeň here.

We look forward to welcome you in Plzeň for an inspiring urology congress!

Milan Hora, Plzeň (CZ)
Conference President, Vice-Chairman of ČUS

prof. MUDr. Marek Babjuk, CSc.

Marko Babjuk, Prague (CZ)
Chair of Scientific Programme, Chairman of ČUS

Publikováno: 18. 9. 2017

68. výroční konference ČUS ČLS JEP

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